Episode 22

Shaun Sunday from Brainbeast Studios and Arkenforge

Published on: 1st September, 2021

Shaun has been playing TTRPGs for a few years now, and saw a need for players to have a quick reference of their own to remember rules, conditions, and more while playing D&D. He couldn't find anything out there that solved the problem, so he set out to create the 5E Player's Screen! The screen is meant for neurodivergent players but also helps players new and old remember rules and have more fun at the table!

Shaun also runs streamed games with awesome guests and has a few other cool projects he's working on for next year, so make sure to follow him to keep up!

Shaun's Linktree

Here's some of the other resources Shaun mentioned for neurodivergent players and DMs looking to make their game more accessible! 

5E Character Sheet for Players with Dyslexia

5E Printable Spell Cards

Initiative Tracker

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